by Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie

In a nation defined by lack of precise ideological political differences; in a region bedevilled by the fear of cultural and social change, a hero has emerged whose ideological stance are as intellectual and as they are defiant. That hero, is the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Sanusi’s call for introspection and retrospection by the Northern Nigerian people and by the Nigerian people as a whole, is a call whose relevance outspeaks any fear those opposing it may harbour. Sanusi has called on the North—not to abandon Islam, as poor judgement may tempt us to conclude, but to carefully adapt the teachings of Islam and Sharia to a modern world, than practicing what is no longer sustainable. This is very evident in family planning and population control spheres of life. His call for restructuring Nigeria, is a buoyant heroic call, that can only be appreciated if carefully inquired into.

It has been mistaken that Sanusi called the Northern elites to obeisance, in agreement with him. This is very much not the case, in my perspective. He has not called us to intellectually kowtow to his cerebral proposals but instead to subject it to the test of superior rationality. It is a call for further inquiry and discourse. In acting as he had, he has merely pointed to a river nearby, while we struggle with soap in our eyes.

The northern elites must instead of looking for a way to silence him, engage him in a roundtable discussions devoid of sentimental constructions. To do this, the Northern elites must let go of fear, with its penchant for instilling inactions and flight of sound reasoning. The world continually bears witness that those who got passed their fears, and ran with their visions, are crowned overcomers.

Perhaps, the time has come for the North to be redeemed, but this can only happen in the face of open, honest and determined arguments. Sanusi has pointed us to the way, we must now determine to follow in this illuminating path.