Role of Government in Youth Empowerment

It is an acknowledged universal truth that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, and so with this privileged position, matters concerning youths should be a priority for any government. Indeed, there are many ways the government can promote youth development.
To begin with, the importance of education in youth development is enormous. The government should prioritize the education sector and meet up with the 26% budget allocation to education recommended by UNICEF. Increased funding will ensure the adequacy of equipment and facilities in schools beginning from science laboratories to different art studios like Arts galleries. Vocational subjects should be well funded in secondary schools. Subjects like Fine Arts, Home Economics, Agricultural science, Music teach skills such as Variety drawings- like landscape, portrait, perspective drawing-calligraphy, cloth designing, sculpture, wood carving, interior and exterior design, baking, sewing, fishery, animal husbandry, music instrumentalists etc. With all these youths will be empowered and youth unemployment will be greatly reduced, because most of these skills are self employment options. The schools should also teach health issues to help youths understand sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and prevent it.
Furthermore, the establishment of a scholarship and grant scheme would foster youth development. Scholarships will be greatly helpful to students from poorer families and help them to remain in school and stay focused. Grants should be provided to students which will be repayable by them when they graduate and gain employment. It is pertinent that a scholarship and grant scheme will accelerate youth development; especially in a country where, according to the National Bureau Statistics, 67.1% of the population are poor.
In addition, all stakeholders that consider youth development a priority should establish skill acquisition centres for youths. Governments and private investors can establish centres where skills that promote self employment can be acquired. Skills to be acquired could include phone repairs, computer programming, web designing, leather work, entrepreneurship, sewing etc. In view of this, youths will be greatly engaged in meaningful activities in the society, which will help in cutting down crime and terrorism which young people are vulnerable to.
It is an indubitable fact that generation of employment opportunities enhances economic growth and youth development. Young people stand to gain a lot from job creation. It can help them achieve economic independence and so enable them to have a voice of their own. Young people should be employed without discrimination. Even if youths are not directly employed, they stand to gain when older members of their families are employed, as this would translate to better and improved standard of living for the family unit.
In conclusion, it is apparent that the youths are the key to unlocking a nation’s future prosperity. So it is an irresistible conclusion and very apt to say that the leaders of today must prepare the future for the leaders of tomorrow, in order for our tomorrow to be better than our today.