Have you ever wondered whether poetry can ever be taught? Or whether poets are born? Well the truth is that poetry can obviously be taught, of course poets are also “born.” The point of giving birth to a poet or making a poet is the point where the individual falls in love with words. Words are the tools of trade of literary artiste, and he must therefore swim in an ocean of words. To become a good poet, you must fall in love with poetry. You must read poems with zeal and passion. This zeal and passion cannot be counterfeited. It is either there or not. Once you have passion for poetry, you must then fall in love with words. You must fall in love with expressions. Expressions are richer and powerful, not when they are expressed in complex words, but when simple words are interwoven in a marriage of sounds, imagery and emotions. This level can only be reached by reading poems. You must read as many good poems as you can come across. You must read these poems in a state of tranquillity. At some point, the bird is let out of the cage. Your ability to use words will become unrestrained. You will simply be able to use words in ways you never imagined. When the soul is most at peace, pick a pen and start writing about the thing most pressing in your mind.

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