By Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie

It is often said that one man cannot cook food for an entire community; and when the community cooks food for one man, no matter how powerful he is, he cannot finish it. Yet like everything Nigerian, even this wisdom of our fathers has been defiled. We are currently in a situation where one man is cooking food for the entire nation.

The continued absence of president Buhari has created, and is creating, a fuss and tension that is both needless and avoidable. It stems from dishonest information chain and lack of sincerity on the state of health of Mr. President. It got to such a ridiculous level that the information minister was quoted as saying that Mr. President would henceforth work from his home. Such reckless impudence, though expectedly already denied, is the shawl that has befuddled the presidential goodwill.

Limited with only insignificant knowledge about the health of the president, and livid with the obscurity surrounding the whole situation, many Nigerians are calling for the President to resign. While hard core Buharists will almost certainly regard such calls as political machinations and dislike for Mr. President, yet it is clear that malaise—the boiling water in the centre of the dark room—has been installed, aided and maintained by the presidential hawks, vultures and chameleons.

Perhaps, has the health of the president not been shrouded in mystery, Nigerians may well have gone into prayers for the president, at least with clear understanding of the President’s state of health. Rather what we have is a bemused tale of how the President is strong and hearty, and yet cannot walk down to his office.

It is perhaps apt to end this opinion piece by calling on the “presidential hallelujah boys” to be less clandestine with information. Nigerians deserve to know the state of health of the president, and not be staged to a war on his continued retirement in Aso Rock.


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