Now at peace

When the alarum was swiftly sounded

It was not to have us a guest of war

But for the triumphant exit of a warrior;

A citizen of the rainbow nation,yet of the world.

The world paused to honour his exit

For he was one in a million,a rare gem.

He was a leader yet maintained servanthood

His selflessness coded him ‘46664’

And his ruling was never influenced by his past agony.

To his people;a saviour,to the world;a legacy

With no force he secured his people from servitude

And was crown’d peace- maker,nobel winner

Indeed he is dead but his deeds live

Madiba wholly fought for peace but truly “Now At Peace”.

This sonnet(neither Shakespearean nor Petrarchean) is my tribute to that great man of valour,”one of the best leaders of 20th century”,NelsonMandela Madiba who was truly a gleaming light in darkness and a gift to the world.’A man who took history in his hands and bent the arc of moral universe towards justice’.In his 95 years,his selfless struggle for human dignity,equality & freedom has inspired many people around the globe.
Line 1:’alarum’ is a vociferous alert heralding a coming danger usually in war but here,the poet persona uses it to annouce the loss of a hero.
Line 3:’triumphant’ -is a biblical allusion to that glorious movement in John 12.
Line 4:’rainbow nation’.This is the name Mandela himself gave South Africa in his inauguration speech in 1994.
Line 8: ‘46664’-This code is the Mandela’s prison number.Though he was jailed for a baseless course for 27 years,do you know that Nelson never hunt his jailers when he got to power?(line 9).What a rare act!
Line 11 & 12: Mandela made a peaceful negotiation with the then white leader,FrederikKlerk,in 1990 and he was awarded Nobel peace Laureate thereafter.
Then,the poet persona concluded by asserting that Mandela,though lived his life seeking peace he is just at true peace in death.

©Marshar poetry.
Dec 13, 2013