To put matters in context, Nnamdi Kanu has become some sort of cult hero; a revered figure in the South East and the whole of Nigeria. His dogged rhetoric, his clear understanding of his objectives, his uncompromising integrity, and more importantly his courage and bravery to speak up about what is wrong with Nigeria, has erected him into a monument for his people.

Like Nelson Mandela, but unlike anything like the South African hero, Kanu has accepted the ultimate sacrifice of incarceration and suffering to underscore his mission and willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice if it comes to that. That journey, aided in no small way by the foolishness and short-sightedness of Buhari’s administration, has now furnished Kanu into a beacon light of hope to millions of emaciated, hopeless, ideological, educated, rich boys, girls, men and women.

The recent release of Nnamdi Kanu on bail from the Kuje Prison however presents some interesting episodes and a very unintelligent scheming by the Federal Government going by the bail conditions. Apparently, the Federal Government thinks it can satisfy the wailing voice and outstretched arms of the law, by finally releasing a man, on whose account it has desecrated, on numerous occasions, the sacred rule of law. Yet, the picture is clear that the intention is clearly to lay landmines for Kanu, subdue him, allow him to step on these landmines and then re-arrest him.

The bail conditions include…

From a careful look at these conditions, it is obvious the target is to make Kanu completely unable to shape or lead public opinions, and eventually fade into obscurity. I venture to think that the carefully planned journey, is to observe if Kanu can be kept quite before deciding if the charges against him will be dropped.

Whatever be the case, it is necessary to point out that any attempt to re-arrest him will not be a politically wise decision to make, but Buhari’s government is already famous for making politically unwise decisions ruthlessly.


Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie