Game of Shadows; Trump and Kim Jon Un

The making of the world’s most dreaded horror movie

by Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie

Apocalypse used to be a religiously inspired tale; of how the world would come to an end, amidst horror as the righteous God sets about destroying and judging the world. Like an aye opener, the human obsession with war has led theists, atheists, humanists, moralists and others to now acknowledge that apocalypse is lurking aroundthe shadows, and it appears that man, will be doing the job of God.

The horrors of the First World War was almost to be dubbed as horrible bloodshed, then came the World War II, which proved that indeed humanity has the power to destroy itself. The invention of atomic bombs—the nuclear war heads—jerked humans to the possibility of annihilation—not by aliens but by warmongers.

The Cold War even had a more devastating bloodless massacre on the conscience of humanity. Nations sought a pyrrhic victory in arms race, as weapons of mass destruction were continually invented and expanded, the sole effect of which would be total annihilation of life as we know it.

The world coming to the realization of the threat it posed itself, went about setting frameworks in place to prevent the proliferation of Nukes; except that it proceeded on a wrong premise. The premise that some nations are better matured to own and handle nuclearwar heads, than others, have led to “rogue” nations questioning this absurdity. This, while North Korea and Iran cannot possess nuclear war heads; Israel, UK, USA, China, India, Pakistan, France etc can.

Admittedly, this is not to say that the premise is in itself totally wrong, but it ought to have been followed by another premise; the disarmament of nuclear weapons by all nations. However, the argument persists that the presence of Nuclear war heads has helped in preventing another war, as nations calculate the risk. This is plausible argument, but it is watered down by the appearance of recalcitrant leaders every now and then in history. And here, the world is trepidified at two right now; Donald Trump and Kim Jon Un.

As the American, warships approach the Korean Peninsulam and the Chinese are sending 150,000 soldiers to the Korean border, what looks like doomsday is edging closer, as North Korea vows to retaliate beyond measure if a pre-emptive strike is targeted at it. With the Korean blood sucking guns pointed at Seoul, Japan and other nations, the question to be asked is, where is the world heading to with nuclear war lurking in shadows.

America today has reportedly set aside I trillion dollars to modernize its nuclear weapons that ought to have been destroyed; we are left asking, if a clash of narcissistic egos will be enough to sink beautiful earth into oblivion.