#Free Evans—The Many Variants of Madness To Befall Some Nigerians

by Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie

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It all started like some jester trying to be funny. Like someone trying to make the begging wife of the kidnapper appear to have won sympathy in the lifeless landscape of a desert, because no one would be taking her serious. It sounded like some satire, some pun or perhaps some comic relieve in a country goaded by mischiefs of the highest order.

It turned out, as time always lead us to all secrets, that as the message embodied in the ludic hashtag #Free Evans passed on through many hands and handles and forums, it acquired a lot of unthinkable meanings and devotions. When comparisons between the devils cup bearer and the devils butler became abuzz on the internet, it turned out that finally the raging madness within is manifesting in the open—and so they asked, if our ruthless kleptomaniac politicians could go scot free, while can’t Evans?

The juxtaposition of two evils, as a reason why one must be condoned because it is perceived, rightly or wrongly, lesser, would no doubt lead one to the question, who exactly is pointing a gun to the head of some Nigerians and asking them to make the impossible choice between the two evils strangulating our beloved country? Why are we inventing a needless dilemma of nugatory choices, when none exists? Seeing the hashtag on twitter brought to my mind the image of Pontius Pilate asking bewildered men, “whom shall I give you, commonsense or Evans, the kidnapper?” And they echoed Evans. And yet he asked them, “Should I release this man, who has caused your fathers, mothers, husbands, wife, sons, daughters, children, friends so much pain and misery?” “Should I release this raging fire that may yet consume you while claiming to be innocuous or should I release gentle commonsense, in whom I have found no sin and blemish, and who indeed claims to have what it takes to bring you out of mental slavery?” They exclaimed, oh those very some sluggards, “release Evans to us, and crucify commonsense, and let his blood be upon us and our children!”

The sane, in this trial, have refused to allow the few sluggards have their way, in fact, they have chosen to recommend that they be treated for one of those neurological ailments; who knows, we may just be able to save some of them.