Festival of Lies

Festival of Lies

by Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie


We walked along that unfamiliar road silently

Walking in a deathly rhythm to the mysterious

Our laughter has gone exile with our smiles

Leaving anguish as our asylum

Led by grunting faces evicted by joy

Compelling us to walk deeper into the unknown


We walked a long distance into darkness

We never looked back; we just walked

Like dry leaves tossed in a violent wind

Our cloths romanced the clattering wind

Torn by the long ages of suffering

Which we endured at the hands of our messiahs


We walked until the nightly clouds found us

Darkness was our comforter blessing us with scorpion stings

We felt it, the descending bazaar of pain

As we struggled to recall our names

Plundered from our memories by the stings of pain

We shriveled through the night; waiting for the rays of hope.