How can I join this website and start Publishing?
Ans: You have two options; you can publish your work without joining our community of writers by mailing it to this email emeka.ezekwesiri@yahoo.com , and indicate your name and location, or you can join our community of writers by sending your full name, username and email to emeka.ezekwesiri@yahoo.com and indicate appropriately that you would like to join our community of writers. Once your application is approved, usually in less than 24 hours, you can publish anytime by directly accessing your own profile.

What are the benefits for publishing with this website?

There are several benefits; you will get to share your thoughts to millions of youths across the globe, particularly in Africa, and invite your friends to read your write up. Your article or work might be selected for publication in one of our collections of essays, a writer’s guide or our Anthologies of Contemporary Poems. If your write up gets to become the most viewed article on this website, you will get a cash price at the end of the year. (our year runs from 23rd July to 22nd July.) If you have a ready and completed work, we can link you to publishers to get your work published, and many more you will discover by yourself.
Can I Link My Articles to My personal Blog?

Yes you can. But you can ONLY link for more stories and not for part of the same article. We do not accept excerpts or incomplete write ups.
Do I need to register to use this website?
No you don’t need to. But if you want to join our community of writers, then you must register.
Does using this website cost me any money?

The answer is No, it is completely open sourced.
Can I still participate in a competition if I don’t know how to write an essay?
Yes! But you first need to go through our training institute.
Am I required to pay?

Just a little token.
Can I rely on the information on this website?
Yes, you can but without legal liability whatsoever