The Evils of Kidnapping as a Source of Wealth; the Story of Evans, the Kidnapper

by Emeka Ezekwesiri Chigozie

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The media has been abuzz in the past weeks following the arrest of the most wanted kidnap kingpin in Lagos, Mr Evans. News of his arrest caused so much joy to residents of Lagos State who have been his latest customer base.

His arrest indeed underscores more importantly the wisdom in the statement, that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house. It confirmed the truism that no matter how long evil pays and lurks in darkness, it will one day be exposed to light, and be met with destruction. The innate insatiable appetite for quick wealth in many Nigerians has no doubt been the catalyst for all manifestations of different shades of economic crime.

The message that the arrest of Evans has brought home to me and many other discerning folks, is that wealth built on the wrong foundation, will always vanish some day, just the same way it came. It is like the Aramaic writer put it, vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. The attitudinal defect and moroseness in some individuals, have led many to reject the eternal truth that anyone who wants to make money, must create a reciprocal value for that money. All other means of making money in contrast to this truism amounts to outright theft.

However, notwithstanding the joy I had seeing all of Mr Evans supposed secured wealth being taken over by law, I have the deep seated fear that casting the crime of kidnapping as a lucrative business, as was done and is still being done, in the media and especially the televisions, may have the undesired effect of spurring another monstrous criminal into taking up the hawkish trade. This is particularly true, when one takes into consideration the comments many young people are making on social media, that if they were in Evans’ position, they would not have been caught.

Suffice to say that, while we celebrate and indeed acknowledge the victory over harbingers of economic sabotage, with deep seated kleptomaniac tendencies, we must not fail to point out to the young folks, that organized crime against innocent members of the society always end this way, whether your name is Anini, or Deri, or Osisikankwu, or Evans, you will end up dying disgracefully or spending the rest of a miserable life in jail. The wealth kidnapping or armed robbery gives to an individual is like a Greek gift, when it enters your life, it will leave you more miserable than Troy.