Emerging Poets

Sitting in the cool sensual wind
of an airy beautiful land
like a thwarted robber,
sad as a disturbed father.

Listening to the sweet melodious
songs of the birds on the brown
branch of a green leafy tree.
Truly! the flock of birds is a
David, the Psalmist in her

Gazing northward, to the sun flowers,
stretched as a pregnant woman.
Beyond lies the deep blue sea,
the beautiful reflects of the horizon
over the waters.

Arising, walking up to the flowers
feeling the warmth, the smiles and
the sweet fragrance piercing through
the soul.
The beautiful butterflies active in
pollination, flies across, flapping its
thin beautiful wings.

In the midst of the sunflowers, is happiness,
warmth. That’s her symbol to me.

Written by Etop Precious Iniobong.