About Us

Who We Are:
Young Writers Forum was created in 2013 to be a leading platform for publication of articles deserving wide readership. Young Writers Forum is an online publishing hub, training institute and information hub on writing opportunities around the world. We also provide information on business grants.
Our Mission And Vision

To Become Nigeria’s most reliable online free open source publication platform:

To provide reliable and credible information on different writing competitions as a way to hone the writing skills of emerging writers; and help writers make money in this process

To become a prominent and reliable source for sourcing information on business opportunities around the world for Nigerians and Africans in general

To become a reliable institution for organizing and handling competitions and other educational contests or interviews for individuals and corporate bodies.

To train clients and users on all fields of writing engagement and literary creativity.

To deploy the internet as a tool to improve the reading culture of Africans and literacy enhancement and development.
Our Services.

YWF is dedicated to stimulating and encouraging reading culture among Nigerian and African youths;
Training potential writers to become better writers through our free lessons on different writing engagements, such as letter writing, technical reports, proposals, articles, minutes, essays, short stories, fiction, biographies, poems etc;

We provide a publishing platform for writers who have their work ready and are looking for credible and professional platforms to publish such works;

We provide information on different writing competitions within and outside the country for interested students;

We help emerging writers connect to publishers to publish their written works.

We provide basic literacy training for semi-illiterates who can operate the mobile phone but can’t get access to an educational institution.
ALL genuine enquiries should be made to:
emeka.ezekwesiri@yahoo.com and dschizzy11@gmail.com
Help Desk:
08062421406, 08130582983

Want to publish your work? Then send an email of your work to the above email address, and if your work is accepted, you will receive a notification to that effect.
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