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The man of the people walks In his majesty many tremble His voice like the shattering thunder, commands As men, women and children embrace the [read more]


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Three.. They were Knotted by a common past One experience they shared A dose they couldn’t bear One which always live with them All they [read more]

Emerging Poets

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Sitting in the cool sensual wind of an airy beautiful land like a thwarted robber, sad as a disturbed father. Listening to the sweet melodious [read more]

Which Way Nigeria?

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Introduction Occupying 923, 768km² in West Africa, is mankind’s most populous black nation. A country conceived by the British in 1914, some would say for [read more]


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The scope of mentoring is perhaps wider than education as understood in its strict formal sense. It must be understood, as in the contest of [read more]

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